Room to Bloom 2020

Room to Bloom is a creative community project which welcomes everyone. Room to Bloom was founded in 2018 as part of York’s (UK) debut BLOOM festival, which took place from 5th-8th July 2018. The festival was a beautiful celebration of 250 years of horticulture within the city and marked the historic formation of the Ancient Society of York Florists.
The festival was packed with fantastic events, displays, music, words and many delights inspired by all things floral.
Room to Bloom was one of those delights! We asked everyone to submit a drawing, painting, print, photograph (anything 2D) of their favourite flower on one of our unique branded postcards. We also asked for a brief description of ‘why?’ this particular flower was their favourite.
Today ROOM TO BLOOM will relaunch for 2020 but in an entirely virtual format to keep us safe, positive and creative during this new and challenging time as the Coronavirus forces us into a new way of life. Although temporary; it is these hours, days, weeks in isolation where it is as important to keep a positive outlook and to remain part of our community…despite this meaning engaging in other ways.
Room to Bloom is inviting you to be part of a creative community. We are inviting anyone and everyone to take part in this project…the bigger the better so please spread the word.
To take part;
  • Find inspiration in nature…whether from your daily ‘allowed walk, jog, cycle…etc’, a picture you find on the internet, from a book, a photograph or from a flower in your window box, garden or allotment.
  • On a piece of; paper, card from a cereal packet, or any recyclable packaging or surface create a picture of your favourite flower…please make this roughly the size of a postcard.
  • You can create you image using, paint, pencils, biro, collage, photograph, a poem…anything 2D and flat.
  • Once you’re finished…please write some positive words at the bottom that your think will help other’s during this time of isolation. Please also include your first name and where you live ( city, town, village etc) DO NOT share your exact address.
  • The next step is to take a photo or scan your image with any device you are lucky enough to have and send it to:
  • All entries (emailed work) will become part of a virtual exhibition hosted on this website (look at the Pick of the Bunch 2018 link to give you an idea…)
  • Please hold onto your original art work too! This is very important as our hope is that when this period of isolation is over we will celebrate by hosting a physical exhibition at a gallery.
  • As with our 2018 project, maintaining positive mental health, raising awareness of mental health difficulties is very much our aim. We all have room to bloom.
  • We look forward to receiving your entries, STAY SAFE.
Thank you,
Louise Rowley
Room to Bloom, York.